About Us

Located in the greater Cincinnati area, Jersey West Drilling Inc. was formed in 1984 by Michael and Carole Caprioni with the understanding that, in today’s environmental market, most drilling firms are fairly comparable, with well trained crews, similar services and rates. And if all drilling conditions were the same, then it wouldn’t matter who was performing the work. But this just isn’t the case. Each site differs, more or less, from the other; each one presents it’s own characteristics and challenges. How a driller meets those challenges, works through them, and delivers the best product possible, is directly related to his skill, knowledge and experience.

With over 30 years of experience, Michael Caprioni is highly qualified in a diversity of drilling methods applications, and techniques. Prior to establishing Jersey West, he acquired extensive experience with other firms involving geotechnical and environmental investigations throughout the Northeastern and Midwestern United States, as well as off-shore and overseas work in Africa. A driller with certifications in several states, Michael Caprioni is a past president of the Ohio Water Well Association, District 2. In this capacity he served on the State Coordinating Committee on Ground Water. He has performed demonstrations of monitoring well construction and production well rehabilitation for the OWWA’s annual well construction conferences, as well as for various agencies.

To Jersey West Drilling, each job is as important as the next, and it is that special care and pride in a job well done that has earned it an excellent reputation among it’s clients.


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